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All my Sewing Classes will soon be online classes except for local students.
My offer to you is to let me send you my FREE "Mini Course" in exchange for your email address and your $20.00 for the Hand Sewing-Practice & Reference class by way of a personal PayPal invoice with the promise to send you the class as soon as it's finished. It will be finished soon. I finally got the equipment I needed to do that for my birthday on March 2nd

You will be able to take any of my 16 classes by email on the Internet no matter where you live. I will be putting together each class as fast as I can and as people ask for them too. If you ask for a particular class, I will make that a priority.
It is recommended that you take the Hand Sewing Boot Camp-Practice & Reference Class first.

If you don't want to take any of the Hand Sewing Classes, then take the Sewing Machine Workshop #1 class first, especially if you have a new sewing machine.
The 16 classes are described on the flyers below. Scroll down. The Project Help class will be partially by email/maybe conference call (have to figure out how to use my webcam first) for helping with your particular sewing problem and the rest of the classes will be like the other classes on the Internet.
Any questions, please email me: or please call me:

775-267-4772 Pacific Time

Hand Sewing Bootcamp Class

Classes Available at Sew Happy Sewing School

The Hand Sewing Bootcamp Class is the start of an exciting sewing adventure. After completing the class, you go                                        on to learn how to work with your machine and sew projects.

Hand Sewed Monster Make & Take Class

Available at Sew Happy Sewing School

                                     The Monster Make & Take Class is fun for both boys and girls.

Sewing Machine Workshop #1

   The Sewing Machine Workshop #1 is where you learn about your machine, practice controlling it’s speed and                                                        steering and then make a scissor holder.

Hand Sewed Super Hero Mask Cape & optional Skirt

                                          “Hand Sewed Super Hero Mask, Cape & optional Skirt.”

After putting together your mask, cape or skirt, you will be able to hand sew desire shapes to your mask, cape or                                                                         optional skirt. 

                                         Call for more information

Contact Sew Happy Sewing School for information on classes and to sign up.

I had a booth at the Carson City, NV Craft Fair. It was a big learning experience. I met a lot of nice people. I hope you manage to contact me and sign up for a class or two. I will be sending a follow-up email to the people who wrote on my contact sheet. Thank you for signing my contact sheet. I hope you manage to find the perfect class.

I met quite a few toddlers who had sooo much fun completing their sewing card. I had one 3 year old and the rest were 4 & 5 year olds and one 6 year old, I hope will sign up for the Hand Sewing Boot Camp class. 
Time will tell.

Thank you all for stopping by the booth.

I enjoy teaching sewing so much and hope to have a very busy schedule at my sewing schoool soon.

                                               My theme at the Carson City, NV Craft Far was: IMAGINATION and IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES was my slogan for the Craft Show, but it goes for anytime.

                                           Look at the list of class flyers & let me know by email or phone which classes you are interested in.

                                                  If you click on the flyer you are interested in, it will become bigger so you can read it easier.

Why would someone want to learn how to sew?

Because it develops small motor skills, hand-eye coordination, math and measurement skills, reading and application, following and/or completing a project, creativity and color coordinating and character qualities: patience, concentration and imagination.
By learning basic hand stitches and watching me demonstrate each stitch, you can then practice and go on to completing a hand sewed project.
A class for you will be scheduled upon a mutual time when both of us are available. The best reason to want to attend a class that is one on one is because you may want to start with hand sewing or with your machine sew a project or simply need help with a project. By attending a one on one class, you will get the personal attention you need to succeed and/or complete your project you are having trouble with. The price depends on what it is you want to learn how to do or complete.

Please email me to sign up for a 1 on 1 class to learn how to to sew. Thanks, Shirley

Simple Projects

The Simple Projects can be enjoyed at my Sewing School too. One of my students is busy cutting and sewing a sunglasses case and then she is making alphabet pillows to decorate her bed.



Who AM I?

NOTE: The eclasses are not as involved as the Internet classes will be.They are completely by email, but if you have ANY questions, I am available to answer them.

Hi I’m Shirley and I have created five sewing lessons called eclasses. I understand that you don’t live near me and that you are a busy person, but you still want to learn how to sew. I would very much like to teach you how to sew by way of my five sewing lessons.
They are PDF lessons sent to you by email. You can view them anytime and anywhere at your own pace, and as many times as you wish.
Since you are a busy person, but still have the desire to learn how to sew for whatever reason, a eclass may be the perfect solution for you so long as you have an email address and know how to send and receive emails and can view PDF files.

Please email me for more information on how to receive sewing lessons in your email. Thanks, Shirley  

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